Saturday, November 22, 2008

POW WOW!!! HOW!Greenfield's annual pow-wow celebration was Friday. All classes have a big pow-wow, Indian Dance, song and prayers of Thanksgiving. It was great for kids and parents alike.
After the outside presentation we headed inside to savor homemade soup by the students, turkey, pie and much more. Trenton and Kyla stop to take a party pic!

A few kids from Mrs. Kolniak's room- Maggie, Autumn, Trenton and Hayden. They enjoyed a feast, played and went home for the week long Thanksgiving Holiday! Happy Turkey Day to all! Gobble, Gobble!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


What fun we had at Trunk or Treat at the church this past Wednesday! The cars were all decorated for Halloween and the Trick or Treaters came calling. We were gathered in roped off area in the parking lot and the children had fun collecting candy while the parents were able to visit- a little!The Zombie Girls made an appearance and even played a game of "ZOMBIE SAYS" with the kids!!
Trenton and his life long buddy and neighbor Benton. Trenton and Benton - what a pair is all I can say!!!! Bumble Bee and Spider Man had a spooky, sporty time!

What a surprise! After trunk or treat as we were winding down, the Fulghum Boys came calling to "BOO" us. We caught them in action and had to play and run around for a bit. Could this night get any more exciting for a 4-year-old?!?! Just think, we have yet to make it to HALLOWEEN!

What a great night-forever to be remembered in the mind of a child........

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Trenton and his friend Ethan had tons of fun at the Monster Mash! Trenton was Bumblebee from Transformers and Ethan was a race car driver!! There were so many fun booths like go fish, we won a real fish, and it already went to fish heaven. They had kiddie golf, eat the donut, toss to the toilet, sucker pull, 2 bouncy castles, cake walk and much more......
Here we are as we finished eating the powdered donut hanging from a string with no hands-that was fun to watch and do. We saw many old SJS buddies like the Papas and Waters and a few others we expect to see. It was a great way to spend the evening!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random Facts

I am supposed to list 7 random facts! Here goes:
1. I detest "bathroom" words
2. I love tulips
3. My friend Sonya and I always won the push cart contest at the end of the year St. John's picnic
4. I can still make my body into a pretzel
5. I love hearing "memory provoking songs" on the radio
6. Sonya and I left a road trip twice in about a 5 year span, once on a bus-the next time we made sure one of us drove there!
7. I love the sound of SILENCE in the morning

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, here is the picture that sums it all up. If you know my really shy child (HAHA) when asked by the ride conductor how high he wanted to go and he said REALLY HIGH!!!! That is what he got! His head was almost even with the top of the rail road tracks that run above down town Shreveport- even with the Texas Street Bridge- Go figure. Anyway, Mommy was weak in the knees as my 4 year old soared high in the sky loving every minute of it- yelling, "Mommy, Hunny look at me!!!" He was the first jumper of the day and drew quite a following because I guess everyone though if a 4-year old can do it then.........
Now for a much quieter craft. Wheew! Mr. Garrett who was getting service hours working at the Revel helped Trenton cut and make a lantern with his name on it.
Next we got to see our friend Beth Moore, mommy of Peyton Beene Moore. She was working at the Halloween chalk drawing booth for Junior League. The Revel was a blast. We even got a quick glance at the real art. I found a really unique New Orleans print on canvas with all the snapshots of all the places I have visited in N.O. I also found a sketch artist who sketches lots of Lousiana places and found one of THE CHIMES and THE VARSTIY from LSU. 2 of my favorite places to visit when I was in college. The day was great. What a wonderful way to spend FALL BREAK!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


We survived homecoming! Yay- we are done for another year.
Feast Day at St. Jude Church was Sunday, October 5th. Mass was 1 and 1/2 hours, a bit long for mass outside in Louisiana in October-especially for tons of kids raring to go for all the fun, food and games!!
Here is a cute picture of Daddy and Trenton painting his LSU pumpkin. They had a great time doing the cake walk, duck pond, face painting, bouncy house, haunted tunnel, go fish, bean bag throw, spin art, sand art...... I could go on all day. The church has the feast day each year and this year Trenton's school, Greenfield, participated by running all the kiddie games. A fun time was had by all and now it is time for a NAP!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Remember these days?? The homecoming game has come and gone for Benton High School! The dance will be tonight and I get to chaperone. What an interesting evening it will be!

Helping at Homecoming is something we do every year so we may as well have fun while we are at it!! Kelle and I stop to take a break from the action to take a funny picture and talk to lots of former students. I can't believe the kids my first year here are now 26 years old!!! Oh my goodness! I am feeling a bit old...................